It’s About More Than Money – Shawn Hull of Blue Coast Savings

Maintaining a successful business is more than just managing and understanding costs. It is also creating a healthy personal and recreational culture for the business’s employees. This is the motto of Blue Coast Savings CEO and Founder, Shawn Hull and it is what makes them so successful at their business consulting. Positive work cultures lead to improved function for your business. This is an important fact that Shawn Hull embedded into the founding of Blue Coast Savings. Let Shawn Hull’s Blue Coast Savings work with you to lower your costs without changing contracts with current suppliers or altering already established systems.

Blue Coast’s growth

Fifteen years ago, CEO Shawn Hull started a small business with the goal of helping individuals find those extra dollars lost when completing their taxes. He looked at tax returns from previous years, only charging people as savings were discovered among the last three years. The business gradually grew, and Hull had a desire to move his humble Taxback business into something bigger. Blue Coast Savings Consultants emerged as Hull’s team began to examine profits and losses for businesses and individuals rather than just tax lines. But Hull kept his original payment ideas intact from day one — fees only remain when cost savings are discovered for clients. And that has helped Blue Coast grow and prosper, receiving national attention as well, for more than a decade.

Shawn Hull Creates Blue Coast Savings To Help Business Owners

In order to successfully obtain the skills needed to start and help businesses flourish, Shawn Hull of Blue Coast Savings knew he needed to get an education. He first went to the University of Arizona and there he studied business. Not only did he start his education academically, he started it practically as well by running his own scuba diving company simultaneously with going to school. After finishing his studies, and after the scuba diving company, he then went on to start multiple successful businesses. He now uses that knowledge to help the consultants of Blue Coast Savings, Shawn Hull’s current company, to effectively save their clients, other business owners, money. In fact, Shawn Hull believes in Blue Coast Savings so much that if they cannot help a client save money, they rip up the bill.
Blue Coast Savings, founded by Shawn Hull in 2001, has become a trusted name in business consulting and this is thanks to the efforts and passionate drive of their CEO and founder. Shawn Hull created Blue Coast Savings as a vehicle for helping people. He then hired a team of business experts that were not just hungry for work, but shared his vision and passion for improving their client’s established business practices without changing their current resources. Many people start businesses for different reasons, but it often has to do with a differing opinion in management styles, this is why Shawn Hull always makes sure that Blue Coast Savings advises without changing the way the business owner wants to run their business.

Specialized Services from Blue Coast Savings

Blue Coast Savings is a national company that has a reputation for being one of the best in its industry. With innovative thinking and passion for its clients, Blue Coast Savings CEO Shawn Hull is known for going above and beyond in customer service and cultivated his team to share the goal that every client finds ways to save money and improve their business both internally and externally. Blue Coast Savings has a team of trained experts that are eager and excited to help consultants find unique ways to modify business from expense reduction, special tax incentives, and a multitude of other products and programs. Each product and program is an individual revenue stream for a consultant and can be residual money for years to come.

Under the leadership of Shawn Hull, Blue Coast is able to provide superior consulting support both in training and in marketing. They understand what it takes to be successful and set up their clients for just that: success. They are so confident in their skills that if they do not find savings, there is no fee. In the 21st Century economy, everyone is looking for ways to improve their businesses financially and we help companies to see that it takes more than a financial focus to improve business, there must also be a healthy personal and recreational focus.

With these kinds of specialized services, Blue Coast Savings is able to help consultants all over the country to help their clients. Shawn Hull has dedicated himself to Blue Coast Savings and making sure that his customers are not just surviving, but thriving in their chosen line of work.

Shawn Hull Serves As The CEO Of Blue Coast Financial

Shawn Hull is a businessman who has a keen understanding of the inner workings of the business world. He has seen how a ventures should work and he has seen why companies fail. This has allowed him to become a specialist in business analysis and in business savings. Hull has worked with numerous businesses over the years to ascertain where the waste was and figure out how to solve their problems quickly and effectively.

Shawn Hull serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Blue Coast Financial. This is a business savings firm that helps other companies to excel by offering analysis and advice on how to improve their operations. Whether it’s paying too much for product, inefficient lines of communication, or redundant positions, the professionals at Blue Coast Financial can help a business to be more successful because of the experience that they bring to the table in this specific field.

The staff’s commitment to excellence shows through their results. The entire company has a track record of success. This is a good thing, since their success is dependent upon the success of their clients. Blue Coast Financial has been able to create business savings for many businesses over the years. If you run a business, or know someone running a business, that is in the red and you want it to be in the black, then it’s as simple as calling the professionals at Blue Coast Financial. From red to black with Blue, it’s that’s simple.